July 30 2013

If the Pope says about gays, "who am I to judge them," it absolutely
does not mean that the leader of Catholic Church supports and
encourages this disease. No Christian priest, and in general, no
Christian can have a positive attitude toward the sin of Sodom. The
matter is completely different, we, the mortals, can not ordain a judge
onto anyone's head, because none of us is embodiment of perfection. And
one who becomes so proud that to some extent considers himself perfect,
its end is usually bad. Simple, clear values, I do not think that
they are 100% European or even purely Christian, but all nations,
I am sure, should strive to it. Have your own life, your beliefs,
your views, but never consider them a model for others. There is
nothing bad about it. And the question here is not only and not so
much sexual as the principles of which the political and social life,
business and culture are organized. EU-Armenia negotiations have
been successfully completed. I do not know whether our government
will find arguments that will convince Russians not to be very much
jealous and not to threaten us with terrible consequences. We hope
that such arguments will be found, we are obliged to maintain allied
relations with Russia. But one thing I am sure that the contract to
be initiated in Vilnius on November 29 has nothing to do with gay
marriages or gay - parades permitting. These stories are spread by the
agents of Russian influence, and some of our fellow citizens tend to
believe in brutal campaigns. I have no doubt that such laws will NEVER
be passed in Armenia, I rarely write certitudes about the future of
such a degree, but this is precisely the case. The problem, of course,
is the lack of information. It seems to me that our diplomats render
excessive secrecy regarding the documents to be signed. Not everyone
of Armenians knows that the approval of a Deep and Comprehensive Free
Trade Area is the major element of the Association Agreement between
our country and the EU, and the abnormal sexual orientations.

Therefore, we, the media, and the officials, and politicians should
be more focused on what kind of benefits or losses we may expect from
such trade zone, and not to play populism about non-existent "blue
colors". Some knowledge is required just to talk about serious issues.


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