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TCA Arshag Dickranian School Holds Its
2014 Commencement Ceremonies

Los Angeles, July 1, 2014 - In an air of celebration, TCA Arshag
Dickranian School held its 33rd Commencement Ceremony for its 12th,
8th, and 5th grades on Saturday, June 21st, at 5:00 p.m. at the Walter
and Laurel Karabian Hall. Honorary guests included His Eminence Arch.
Hovnan Derderian, the Primate of the Armenian Church of the Western
Diocese, school benefactresses Mrs. Cindy Norian and Mrs. Laurel
Karabian, benefactor Mr. Hmayak Baltayan, who joined at the event
along with Board Members, parents and friends to celebrate the
significant achievements of the graduating students.

The Commencement Ceremony began with the Processional of the 12th,
8th, and 5th grade students, followed by the school choir's rendition
of the American and Armenian National Anthems and the
Arshag Dickranian School hymn.

Third grade teacher and 1997 alumna of Arshag Dickranian School, Mrs.
Violet Tatoian, acted as the MC of the event. Mrs. Tatoian greeted
the students, the guests and teachers in her opening remarks and gave
a heartening speech about her experience graduating from Arshag
Dickranian School. She then invited Board Chairman, Mr. George K.
Mandossian, to deliver his remarks on behalf of the School Board of
Trustees. Mr. Mandossian stipulated upon the curricular and student
achievements attained during the academic year under the
school's new leadership and ended his remarks by thanking the parents,
the organizations and benefactors for their support.

The MC next called upon the Senior Valedictorians Nerses Bogosyan and
Zhanna Khnkoyan and Senior Salutatorian Lilit Demirtchian to deliver
their speeches. In their deliveries, these outstanding students
thanked their parents for the sacrifices they have made for them, and
the school for giving them the opportunity to learn very valuable
lessons in life. The students also talked about their most fond
memories at the school and of their classmates, moving their
classmates and attendants with their touching words.

Next, Principal Dr. Manoug Seraydarian conducted the Presentation of
the Awards by handing prizes to the achieving students.

The Keynote Speakers of the ceremony were 1994 ADS alumna, Ms. Astghik
Pilossyan, D. Phar., and 2004 ADS alumnus, Mr. Hovsep Yepremian, Esq.
In her speech, Ms. Pilossyan urged Armenians to continue sending their
children to Armenian schools, highlighting the safe environment
Armenian schools offer and the unique Armenian moral system taught at
Armenian schools and expressing how grateful she is for attending
Arshag Dickranian School. On the other hand, Mr. Yepremian discussed
about life after graduating from ADS. Mr. Yepremian advised the
students to work relentlessly towards their goals but to also learn
from their mistakes and utilize that knowledge to move ahead with
their endeavors.

Next, MC Violet Tatoian invited 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher Ms. Lusine
Asatryan and Principal Dr. Seraydarian to present the 5th grade
diplomas, which was followe by presenting the 8th Grade
with their diplomas and finally the Class of 2014. Principal Dr.
Seraydarian invited school benefactor Mr. Hmayak Baltayan to join him
in presenting the diplomas to the 5th grade students and school
benefactress Mrs. Cindy Noryan in presenting the diplomas to 8th grade
students. Principal Dr. Seraydarian then invited Arch. Hovnan
Derderian and Board Chairman Mr. Mandossian to present the diplomas to
the Class of 2014. Students Vahe Arevshatian, Nerses
Bogosyan, Lilit Demirthcian, Chrisitne Dzhulfayan, Gayana Khachikian,
Zhanna Khnkoyan, Narek Mamikonyan, Arthur Mazloumian, Hakop Mkhsian,
Johnny Odabashyan, Hakob Seropian, David Sulian, Mary
Sultanyan and Mariana Toutoundjian stood up when their names were
called and walked across the stage to receive their high school
diplomas amid cheers and applause.

Principal Dr. Seraydarian followed with his message. He sealed his
message by bidding farewell to the graduating students and
congratulating them and their parents for their memorable
achievement. The Commencement Ceremony was concluded with the closing
remarks and benediction of Arch. Hovnan Derderian.

After the recessional, the graduates gathered with family and friends
for carousing, picture taking and congratulating one another.

Located at 1200 North Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, the TCA Arshag
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