SOAR's Sponsorship Program is the primary mechanism through which we
provide support to specific orphaned Armenians. The entire donation
benefits the individual you are sponsoring - no funds support the
facilities or SOAR generally, and SOAR assumes the cost of all wiring
fees. We offer three sponsorship levels from which to choose:

Once a week, we highlight an orphaned Armenian in need of
sponsorship. This week we highlight Alina Harutyunyan.

Name: Alina Harutyunyan

Facility: Mer Hooys

Gender: Female

DOB: February 28, 1999

Father's name/Occupation: Artak/Deceased

Mother's name/Occupation: Tatevik/Unemployed

Siblings/Family history:

Alina has one sister, who is also at Mer Hooys. The mother cannot
work because of a disability, and Alina's father is deceased.

Health history and current medical conditions:

Alina is a healthy child.

Special interests, talents, hobbies, and future aspirations:

Alina wants to be a policewoman.

Intended use of sponsorship funds:

Funds will be used for therapeutic swimming and language (Armenian,
Russian, English) and academic (mathematics and physics) tutoring

If you would like to sponsor Alina, please contact George S.

Yacoubian, Jr., [email protected] or select her (under Mer
Hooys) through ourSponsorship Enrollment page. Thank you in advance
for your support!

The Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR) is a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian relief to
orphaned Armenian children and adults. Working with a loyal donor
base and a trusted network of partners, SOAR distributes clothing,
educational supplies, medicine, and other essential resources to
orphaned Armenians throughout the world.


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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress