Armenia to export electricity to Iran
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On Line: 04 July 2014 16:03
In Print: Saturday 05 July 2014

YEREVAN (Armenpress) -- Armenia did not buy electricity from Georgia,
but due to the separate negotiations reached an agreement to export
the electricity to Iran, to fill the gap caused by accidents or
renovations. This was stated by the Minister of Energy and Natural
Resources of the Republic of Armenia Yervand Zakharyan in his
interview with the journalists, referring to the news that Armenia
bought electricity from Georgia. "It is misunderstanding when they say
that we are buying electricity from Georgia. Since 2009, Armenia has
been receiving gas from Iran and supplying electricity instead. During
these years around 2 billion cu/m of gas has been received and instead
6 billion kWh of electricity has been supplied. During that time there
have been renovation works or accidents, and so that we could totally
secure the electricity supply for the received gas, we took some
amount from Georgia" - reports "Armenpress", citing Zakharyan.

He noted that it doesn't have a planned character, and separate
negotiations are held for each case. "Buying is out of question. If we
tried to export the electricity produced by Hrazdan TPP or Hrazdan's
5th energy block instead of the Georgian electricity, then, in terms
of the tariff, the losses would have been greater" - said the

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress