07.07.2014 14:46

Heritage Party board member, journalist Hrayr Manukyan
explained on his personal Facebook page why he published the audio
recording of his conversation with an employee of Armenia's National
Security Service (NSS) who tried to recruit him then issued threats
against him.

"Why did I publish the recording?

"1. For my security. There was no guarantee that the threats issued
were completely empty. There was [the threat of] subsequently passing
me off at the very least as a KGB agent (at the end he said that
people won't know what decision I actually made, what conversation took
place). After publishing [the recording], they can neither call me a
'KGB agent' nor harm those close to me; on the contrary, they will
protect [us], so that no one suddenly harms [us], to put the blame
on them.

"2. The NSS has no right to have an informer in the supreme leadership
of a parliamentary party, and our country's NSS no less, which
definitely conveys this information to the ruling administration. This
violates one of the extremely important principles of democracy: equal
political competition, thus becoming an anti-state activity. The
NSS should engage in reconnaissance (in other countries) and
counterintelligence (against foreign agents in Armenia).

"They don't understand this simple thing, those who remain communist in
their hearts, who say that I shouldn't have discredited an important
structure such as the NSS in the eyes of the public. But I was
obliged to publish [the recording] (even without the need for personal
protection), as a journalist, as a board member, and even just as a
citizen, for the reason that to show the public with proof the NSS's
anti-state activities and for it finally to be recorded that the NSS
shouldn't stick its nose in the leadership of [political] parties.

"3. For those who have yet to receive an offer. My example shows
that saying 'no' to the NSS, especially when we're not dealing with
reconnaissance and counterintelligence, is not only possible, but also
necessary, no matter how threatening they are or what compromise they
offer. Remember: there is nothing more compromising or humiliating
in our country than being a 'KGB informer'.

"4. For the very same NSS. Due to the published recording, they
will be forced to slightly revise their criminal methods (recruiting
people through threats and intimidation), having a complete picture
of people's psychological and intellectual characteristics prior to
approaching them. A well-known KGB agent wrote that if the recruiter
had done his homework well and the compromise was collected in advance,
there wouldn't be a result like this. Another famous KGB agent also
spoke about some compromises, the revelation of which, supposedly,
frighten me so much that I wouldn't want my parents to know.

"This shows that these people, after all this, continue to remain
neanderthals: they think they can have such a compromise with which
they can force me to do something. After following [me], reading all
[my] statuses [on Facebook], was it so difficult to understand that
you can't get me to compromise, or that for me there is nothing more
heinous than being a snitch for the KGB that actually serves Russia?

"[...] Do you think that since you turned 100 people before me
into informers with similar methods that you'll turn everyone [into
informers] so easily? Or do you think that all the young people of
this country are empty, self-seeking, and cowardly like you? Was it
so hard to see that the convictions and outlook of a 27-year-old 10-15
years ago are very different than the outlook of a 27-year-old today?

"In any case, I hope that the NSS will gradually understand these
simple things and will change a little."

From: Baghdasarian