Country - 15 July 2014, 17:11

"Clearly, there was a reconnaissance-in-force," the minister of defense
stated on July 15, commenting on the reconnaissance-in-force by the
Azerbaijani side.

In answer to the circulated rumors that the arrested may not be
an Azerbaijani commando, the minister said professionals must make

"I think the information that is in place describes the reality - there
was a reconnaissance-in-force. In addition, the leadership of the army
of the enemy uses criminal groups for reconnaissance-in-force who are
acquainted with the region. In other words, according to our laws, a
crime was committed, and the NKR law enforcement bodies have brought
up a criminal case. They will be held accountable in accordance with
our laws and international norms," Seiran Ohanyan said.

Seiran Ohanyan dismissed media reports that the arrested Azerbaijani
commando member was in trade for three years. According to the
minister, they do not have such information. "Unfortunately, a lot
of people, and unfortunately among them are our brothers-in-arms,
are trying to make assessments, saying that service is not organized
satisfactorily. Those who were at different sections of our border
line, particularly in Karvachar where the NKR Defense Army troops are
on duty, the mountains and forests do not allow covering the territory
fully. There have always been such cases, and on the contrary, we
must glorify our soldiers who were able to detect, render harmless,
destroy one and capture two," Seiran Ohanyan said.

In regard to escalation at the line of contact, the minister said
dialogue and confidence building are the only way that leads to a
peace settlement of the NK issue. "A war was imposed on us and the
people of Artsakh achieved success and won. Now they are trying to
affect the process of negotiations through escalation to achieve
unilateral success, unilateral compromise," he underlined. Commenting
on the disappearance of the young man of Karvachar, the minister said
the members of the commando may be related to his disappearance.

Seiran Ohanyan said the investigation will find this out.

The minister of defense also commented on Serzh Sargsyan's statement
that sale of Russian weapon to Azerbaijan causes concern. "This worries
us but not everything that we do in the sphere of defense cooperation
can be made known to the public. Our defense cooperation with Russia
is at a higher level than their cooperation with Azerbaijan," Seiran
Ohanyan said.

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