Minister Of Education And Science - Artsakh

Mon, Jul 28th, 2014

Education System Meets EU Standards

Slavik Asryan, Minister of Education and Science

Education has always been a top priority in Armenian culture and in
Nagorno Karabakh Republic, where public educational institutions are
free and open to all students. Slavik Asryan, Minister of Education
and Science, discusses his ministry's current projects and goals.

European Times: Can you describe Nagorno Karabakh's educational system?

Slavik Asryan: Our system includes pre-schools, primary and secondary
schools, professional schools and both state and private universities,
including Artsakh State University, which offers 31 degree programmes
and has established ties to other universities around the world.
Accredited branches of Armenian and Russian universities also offer
educational services in Nagorno Karabakh. This year we have 6,500
students enrolled in our university system, of which 3,000 are
enrolled at Artsakh State University. Education is a priority for the

European Times: What are some of your current projects?

Slavik Asryan: We are working with international institutions to
continue to upgrade our education system and to make sure it conforms
to EU standards. We work particularly closely with Armenian
institutions. Although as an unrecognized state we cannot officially
take part in the Bologna programme, we have made all the reforms and
met all the standards required in the Bologna system. A recent
conference in Stepanakert focused on education rights for unrecognised
states, including recognition of the diplomas we award our students.
Our current projects include investing in upgrading our educational
facilities, which we are financing with the help of Armenia and of the
Armenian Diaspora. We are also upgrading technologies employed in
education. We welcome the assistance of international financial and
educational institutions as we continue to improve our education

European Times: How important is the education sector in Nagorno
Karabakh's economic development?

Slavik Asryan: Education is a top priority for our country. Nagorno
Karabakh is a liberal, peaceful, free country which has worked very
hard to develop and improve every aspect of its economy, including the
educational system. We have now implemented the same EU educational
standards and regulations as Armenia has, but we need for our
students' diplomas to be recognised abroad. One of this ministry's
main goals is to ensure international recognition for diplomas awarded
by Nagorno Karabakh's universities.

European Times: What is your personal message to our readers?

Slavik Asryan: The Ministry of Education and Science welcomes
partnerships of all kinds with international educational institutions
worldwide. Nagorno Karabakh's education sector has implemented EU
standards and both it and our students have great potential.