Today's Zaman, Turkey
July 30 2014

Turkish actors turn down role depicting Dink's life

German-Turkish filmmaker Fatih Akın, known for the films `Soul
Kitchen," `Head-On' and, most recently, `The Cut,' has complained
that no Turkish actor has accepted his offer of the lead role in a
movie depicting the life of murdered Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant

According to the report by Agos daily, the award-winning Akın has
written a script depicting the life of Agos newspaper editor-in-chief
Hrant Dink, who was shot in broad daylight on Jan. 19, 2007 outside
his newspaper's offices by a neo-nationalist teenager.

Akın has had to postpone the project because Turkish actors have
turned down a role in the movie as they found the script `tough.'

Complaining that he failed to convince the actors he had met so far to
star in the film, Akın said that -- while penning the script -- he was
inspired by Dink's 12 articles previously published by the Agos daily.

Akın told the Agos daily that he has been forced to freeze the movie
project after it was turned down by several Turkish actors, adding: "I
have attached great importance the film being a 'Turkish movie.'
Apparently, the time is not yet ripe to shoot a film concerning the
life of Dink. His inspiring articles regarding the 1915 events [a date
marking the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks] are
fascinating. After I read his articles I carried out in-depth research
on the issue.'