Armament of Armenia to make negative impact on peace process in a Caucasus

Today, Azerbaijan
May 31 2005

31 May 2005 [14:27] - Today.Az

"Azerbaijan's position calls on the regional countries to avoid any
military actions promoting the tension in the region and appearance
of military spirits, Khalaf Khalafov, the Azerbaijani Deputy Foreign
Minister, to journalists on Monday.

He was commenting on Russia's plans on dislocation of part of its
arms from Georgia to Armenia.

"While the Armenian occupation in regard to Azerbaijan continues,
delivery of arms and ammunitions to Armenia will indeed have negative
impact on peace processes and establishment of stability and security
in the region," Khalafov underscored.

He noted that despite the good level of the Azerbaijani-Russian
relationships, the Azerbaijani government had repeatedly informed
Russia on its con˝erns in this respect. The replacement of the
additional arms in the territory of Armenia contradict the interests
of Azerbaijan, as well the region. "So, the regional countries should
understand their responsibility," the Deputy FM said.

He noted that the South Caucasus countries enter Europe, where
the Treaty on ordinary armed forces in Europe is applied, and the
European security system. "Taking into consideration all factors,
all actions damaging the stability and security, should be cancelled,
and prevented further," Khalafov underlined.



From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress