International Symposium on Armenian Allegations in Baku

Journal of Turkish Weekly
May 31 2005

source: Hurriyet

At an international symposium on "Armenian Claims and the Reality
of Azerbayjian" held in Baku, Azerbayjian, the head of the Ataturk
Culture, Language and History Foundation, Professor Sadik Tural,
spoke about Armenian allegations of genocide in Turkey.

According to Tural, whose speech came at the opening of the symposium,
the source of Armenian "propoganda" in many European countries was
a German priest by the name of Johannes Lepsuis, who toured Anatolia
in 1915.

Lepsuis, said Tural, wrote letters filled with lies and distrotions,
which the Armenians then began to use in their own campaign against
the Turks.

Tural asserted in his speech that Turkey faces a systematic attack on
thematter of the Armenian claims. Said Tural, "France, which gives
great support to the Armenian claims, wiped 8,000 villages of the
face of the earth in Algeria.

They are also responsible for the deaths of 3,000 Algerian
intellectuals." Tural also labeled England as being a country with
genocide in its past.

Azeri President Ilham Aliyev sent a letter of support to the members of
the symposium, saying in it that Turkey and Azerbayjian had for years
been subjected to the relentless and unfounded claims of the Armenians.

Aliyev also noted that in the last two hundred years, hundreds of
thousands of Turkic peoples living in the Caucasian region had been
"ethnically cleansed" from the area, and that their historical lands
had been invaded.

Said Aliyev further "Historical and intellectual truths have been,
in a systematic and plotted out manner, been sacrificed to Armenian

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress