Dialogue Eurasia Symposium on 'Search of Ethics for Terrorism'
By Zaman

Zaman, Turkey
May 31 2005

Published: Tuesday 31, 2005

The Dialogue Eurasia (DE) Platform organizes an international
symposium titled, "From Terrorism to Universal Ethics: Religions
and Peace". Intellectuals, bureaucrats, and religious leaders from
38 countries will participate in the symposium that will be held on
June 7-8 in Moscow.

DE Secretary-General Erkam Tufan Aytay reported that the need for
international ethics for terrorism will be emphasized and the message
of peace will be sent to the world at the symposium. At the conference
to be held at the President Hotel, "it will be emphasized that the
belief values, which in essence aim for peace, are used as excuses for
some conflicts and even for terrorist acts from time to time today,
just as they were in the past." It is planned that discussions will be
held on two important points during the conference, which is organized
with the cooperation of the Russian Science Academy Oriental Studies
Institute and PIAR Association:

1. Will different religions and cultures be able to co-exist in a
continually global world by showing tolerance and sympathy towards
one another?

2. Will religions be represented by those who indulge in terrorist
acts and incite hatred under the name of religious faith or by those
who support love and tolerance under the name of faith?

Participants from Europe, the Far East, and the US will attend to these
activities as part of the DE Platform, which has arranged activities
for Turkey and countries from the Middle East have attended before. The
names attracting attention among the participants announced to attend
the conference are: Sri Ravi Shankar from India, the mother of Georgian
President Mikhail Saakashvili Giuli Alasinaia, the Chief Rabbi Ishak
Haleva, Armenian Patriarch Mesrob Mutafian, Indonesian Former President
Abdurrahman Vahid, Chief of Caucasian Muslims Allahsukur Pashazade,
Husamettin Cindoruk, one of Taiwan Buddhists leaders Master Hsin Tao,
the Leader of Mohammediye Society Professor Abdul Munir Mulkhan.