2005-05-30 20:57

Azerbaijan News Service
May 30 2005

The official of FAM valued the meeting between Ilham Aliyev and Robert
Kocharyan taken place in the frame of the Warsaw summit as a positive
and important step: "After that meeting, the presidents offered
the co-chairmen to continue the discussions, to organize meeting
between the foreign affairs minister in a short period, as well as
to plan the meeting of the presidents as in case of possibility. The
co-chairmen have already been to Baku, they are in Yerevan at present,
and the meeting of the leaders of FAM is planned to take place in the
middle of June. The next visit of the co-chairmen to the region will
be realized on July". Araz Azimov refused to give a new explanation
about the negotiations to media. He only explained the situation of
Azerbaijan in solving the problem. "The problem can be solved only
in the result of releasing the occupied territories, Azerbaijan will
create normal conditions for the Armenians living in Garabagh, normal
relations will be established between the Azerbaijanis to return
there and Armenian population, and the relations of Azerbaijan and
Armenia will be normalized". According to the words of Araz Azimov,
such approach conformed to the international experience, that
experience had been used when solving the conflicts in Europe. "In
order to achieve this, the present situation must be eliminated, the
territories must be cleared from mines, and the communications must
be restored. This process requires a great effort and initiative. We
are the neighbors and we can not hide away this reality". Araz Azimov
answering the questions of the journalists said that the problem of
liberating of 7 regions was on the topical subject and that problem
would be able to be solved at the next stage. The deputy-minister
answering the question about establishing the Russian military bases
withdrawn from Georgia in Armenia valued that action as a potential
danger for Azerbaijan. "No one will guarantee that whether the weapons
will be placed in Russian military bases or in the Azerbaijani lands
being under control of Armenia".