| 19:36:10 | 31-05-2005 | Politics |


"Can you render the poor people the opportunity to lay gas at a
normal price" asked Yerevan resident Armen Makaryan when addressing
ArmRosGazprom Deputy Director Ashot Hovsepyan during a round table
organized by the Union of Consumers. According to A. Makaryan, only
10% of the resident in the street have natural gas installed in their
flats as 3000 ADM is demanded for 1 meter of pipe.

"It is the fault of the companies", Ashot Hovsepyan justified. He
assured that they are not able to provide the gas supply throughout
the whole republic. They have no rights to control the organizations
that received licenses for conduction of construction words.

As for the violations of the gas supply rules and damages, A. Hovsepyan
noted that in Armenia the situation is better than in Ukraine or
Rostov-on-Don. He also reported that last year 30 people dies because
of violations of the safety regulations due to wrong construction of
the flue in private houses.

To note, A. Hovsepyan informed that gas will not rice in price in
the near future.

In 2005-2007 the company is going to invest 21 billion 562 million
AMD for the restoration of gas industry. Presently 270000 houses in
Armenia are supplied with natural gas.