Time Magazine Distributes CDs On Turkish-Armenian Relations To Its Subscribers

Turkish Press
June 1 2005

ANKARA (AA) - The Time Magazine, one of the leading news magazines
in the United States, distributed CDs of Turkish documentary about
Turkish-Armenian relations to its 494 thousand subscribers in Europe.

Holding a news conference on Wednesday, Ankara Chamber of Commerce
(ATO) Chairman Sinan Aygun said, "with the sponsorship of ATO, a
documentary film was shot about Turkish-Armenian relations in the
past. CDs of the documentary 'Blonde Bride' was distributed by the
Time Magazine to 494 thousand people in Europe."

"The project's target is not to reply to allegations of Armenians but
to give appropriate information about both history of Turkish-Armenian
relations and the Armenian issue. We aim to prevent distortion of
historical events," he said.

Noting that the CDs are prepared in Turkish, Russian, English, German,
French, Spanish and Arabic languages, Aygun added that the CDs also
included information about Istanbul, Turkey and regions in Turkey
and backstage of documentary.