YEREVAN, June 1. /ARKA/. According to the results of an interview
conducted in Armenia as part of the project "Armenia and Azerbaijan at
`neither peace nor war' crossroads: overcoming stereotypes", 54.9%
of Armenia's residents hate Azerbaijan, 51.6% hold it in contempt,
48.8% are indignant at it, 33.6% are indifferent to that country,
and 14% feel sorry for it. Only 7.5% of the respondents said that
Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis cause them to feel fear.

Most of the characteristic features of Azerbaijanis are, according
to the respondents, distinctly negative. According to the interview
results, Azerbaijanis are cunning hypocrites, aggressive, impudent
and lazy, as well as bellicose nationalists. According to 40.8%
of the respondents no forces in Armenia have a positive attitude
to Azerbaijan.

The interview was conducted last October-December, and involved 1,000
citizens of Armenia (500 Yerevan residents and 100 residents from
each of the regions of Ararat, Lori, Tavush, Chambarak, Meghri).