Zaman, Turkey
June 1 2005

Armenian Bill Postponed in Belgium
By Selcuk Gultasli, Vedat Denizli
Published: Wednesday 01, 2005

The Belgium Senate Justice Commission has once again postponed the
voting of an amendment that envisions monetary fines and jail terms
for those who deny the so-called Armenian genocide.

During Commission's May 31 session, heat debates took place for
the motion. Emir Kir of Turkish origin was targeted as the "one
who denied". A proposal to invite experts to the Commission to
discuss the Armenian claims was also rejected. The conclusion for
the discussions at the Commission is expected on Tuesday, June 7.
Observers indicating supporters of the Armenian thesis have lost
ground during the May 31 discussions, claim that the likelihood of
the draft's approval according to the demands of the Armenian lobby
has diminished. A Senate member of Turkish origin, Fatma Pehlivan
also took the floor on May 31 and highlighted the drawbacks of the
amendment motion. The May 31 session became the stage for a battle
of words between Belgian Minister of Justice Laurette Onkelix and
Senator Alain Destexhe. When Destexhe asked: "Kir denies. Why don't
you condemn him?" by targeting Kir as an example, Onkelinx accused
Destexhe of running after petty calculations.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress