U.S. based center condemns Turkish government's action to cancel conference

03.06.2005 11:13

YEREVAN (YERKIR) - U.S.-based Middle East International Establishment
has sent a letter to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, condemning
the cancellation of a conference organized on Armenian issues by
the Bosphorus University in Turkey, Armenpress reported, citing the
Turkish TV station NTV.

2,600 scholars, who have signed the letter, say they are concerned
over the Turkish government's position on discussions of the Armenian
Genocide issue. Noting that the conference was organized in accordance
with the Turkish laws, its postponement breaches the rights of Turkish
scientists to free expression.

"Ottoman Armenians at decline of the Empire. Scientific Responsibility
and Issues of Democracy" conference was postponed after the threatening
speech of Turkish Justice Minister Cemil Ciceq on May 24.