| 13:16:43 | 08-06-2005 | Politics |


The usual meeting of the Armenian and Azeri Foreign Ministers will take
place on June 17 in Paris. During the meeting 7-9 important issues will be
discussed. The Azeri Foreign Minister Elmar Mamedyarov has made an
announcement about it.

`We think we can reach agreement about some issues, and others we know are
extremely complicated. We must discuss all the issues', said the Azeri
Foreign Minister Elmar Mamedyarov according to the Internet newspaper

According to the Minister, the sides must discuss the issue of opening the
roads from Armenia to NKR and from Azerbaijan to Nakhijevan. `I am speaking
about the highway and the railway. We think that the opening of the highway
is more profitable for us. The opening of the roads must be profitable for
both countries', said the Azeri Foreign Minister. He has also mentioned that
the discussion of the above mentioned issues must take place phase by phase,
and the solution of a problem depends on the solution of the previous one,
`If we leave out one problem, the others lose all sense'.

By the way, according to the Azeri Foreign Minister, the visit of the OSCE
Minsk group to the region will depend on the Parisian negotiations.