Azat Artsakh - Nagorno Karabakh Republic [NKR]
07 June 05

On June 3rd a seminar-consultancy was held for the members of the
regional and local election committees and the mayors of villages. The
aim of the seminar was to prepare for and hold elections on a high
level. The chairman of the Central Election Committee Sergey Nassibian
said the members of the committees and the mayors of the villages
should advocate the rule of law better than others. Although the
committees had been already acquainted with the order of holding
elections, the innovations in the Electoral Code were presented once
again. S. Nassibian pointed out the importance of solving the problem
of faults in electoral registers. In spite of the efforts of the CEC,
there always occur problems because of mistakes in the electoral
registers. The mayors of villages must enter the names of people who
are registered in their communities in the electoral registers from
which they had been left out by their fault. It was announced that the
Central Election Committee is taking measures to prevent breakdown in
electricity supply, telephone network and transport during the
election. The government adopted a decision by which the executive
bodies will assist to the central and local election committees in
holding the election.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress