Karabakh party to struggle for seats in parliament

9 Jun 05


"Standing in the parliamentary elections is not a paramount task, but
the party will struggle for seats in the parliament in order to be
able to submit issues of concern to the National Assembly," the leader
of the Our Home is Armenia Party and an independent member of the
current parliament of the Nagornyy Karabakh Republic, Ararat
Petrosyan, has said.

The main task of the party is "to defend justice in the republic", but
the final aim is to merge with Armenia, our Arminfo correspondent
reports from Stepanakert. "Let us not forget that historical Artsakh
was the 10th province of Armenia," Petrosyan said.

Our Home is Armenia intends to make every effort, relying on the
middle class, in order to considerably increase the living standards
of the population, secure the supremacy of the law and observe
national and state interests. The party thinks it important to clearly
divide all branches of powers and draw up mechanisms of mutual

Petrosyan said that his party will pay special attention to the strata
and categories of the population which he thinks do not have enough
state attention. Among them are also Karabakh war veterans, "many of
whom have not found a worthy place in society", the party leader