| 13:51:04 | 13-06-2005 | Social |

«The juice sold in the streets in poisonous», said deputy mayor of
Yerevan during today's briefing and asked the representatives of Mass
Media to asked the residents of the city on behalf of him not to drink
juice in the streets. It turns out that the municipality has no means
to regulate or prohibit the selling of «dangerous» types of meals,
as according to the deputy mayor it is the problem of the communities
and the police.

As for what is poisonous in the juice, the municipality health and
social security administration head Armen Soghoyan commented on
it. According to him, last year the Health Ministry anti-epidemic
administration carried out investigations and found «harmful
viruses» in them. Besides, they are not always clean, and, which is
most important, the people selling juice are not always in good health.

Asked the question if the same juice sold in big markets will cease
to be harmful he answered, «The same juice sold in big markets will
cease to be poisonous as both the food and the shop-assistants are
checked regularly».

Although the municipality in mainly content with the course of the
works against street commerce, still they confess that there much
to do. According to the city mayor, in the streets only flowers and
ice-cream can be sold, and coffins and suchlike staff can be sold
only in the area near cemeteries.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress