01 June 06

Recently the Armenian officials, namely Garnik Isagulyan, the
adviser to president, and Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan have
announced that business is always beside the government and it is
always difficult for a businessman in opposition. It turns out that
the opinions of businessmen and public officials on this question
do not always coincide, and if the businessmen, who left Orinats
Yerkir, confirmed the official standpoint, there are businessmen,
whose opinions slightly differ.

"I do not know what Isagulyan and the prime minister said, but I
know that in any case, the same government, or government official,
conducting a wrong policy or taking wrong actions against the state
must be criticized by every businessman, or a normal person, a normal
citizen; and every citizen must demand from him and be more tough with
him, let alone the members of parliament and businessmen members of
parliament," said Khachatur Sukiasyan in answer to

According to him, it is possible to run a business in Armenia
without the protection of the government. "What does it mean "without
power?" Yes, there are laws in Armenia, follow the law and work.

The problem is the conditions under which you and your competitors will
be working. There are approaches, which are difficult to understand,
but I can say the opposite for the majority of cases. For the majority
of cases, there is more positive, there are more people who observe
the law," says Khachatur Sukiasyan.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress