[07:28 pm] 31 May, 2006

The draft amendment to the RA Criminal Code which presupposed the
criminal punishment of those businessmen who have refused to pay
6 million AMD was rejected once again in the Parliament. The main
opponents of the draft were the faction "People's Deputy" and the
Orinats Yerkir, as well as independent deputies.

"The draft amendment to the criminal code was brought to the Parliament
at the end of the previous year and at the beginning of the current
year. This is the third time it has been turned down in the NA,"
member of the OYP Hovhannes Margaryan said.

"The punishment for any economic crime must be economic too. If
the businessmen has appropriated 1000 AMD, he must first restore
the loss and then pay x percent of it. If you take him to prison,
who will pay his debts?" independent deputy Khachatur Suqiasyan told
"A1+". According to him, it would be better for this person to make
payments and continue his activity. "In other cases if a company uses
fabricated documents and harms the country, they can be considered
criminals", he thinks.

Besides this, another draft was rejected today. The draft amendments
to the RA Law on Income about registering the estate and income of
individuals was rejected with 54 deputies against is and one for. It
presupposed that the individuals with income of more than 500 thousand
AMD were to register their estate and income.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress