By Karine Danielian

AZG Armenian Daily

Frunze Basentsian, head of the Utility Department at the Yerevan
Municipality, informed at that soon they will begin renovation works
of the Isakov Avenue. The Isakov Avenue will be made a highway that
will lead from Yerevan to "Zvartnots" airport.

It is also envisaged that the gambling houses and the furniture
shops will be separated from the streets by iron decorative walls. In
general, there are 81 objects on the road that have passed the allowed
line for the construction. All of the owners of these shops and other
buildings are warned about coming destruction. New roads 6,5 meters
wide will pass by these buildings. Another 7 meters wide highway
leading to the airport will be constructed.

In general, it is envisaged that AMD 5,1 billion of construction
works will be done in this sphere.

Besides, AMD 755 million will be spent on reconstruction of damaged
buildings. 11 more damaged buildings will be underpinned this year. In
total, there are 72 damaged buildings in Yerevan. By end August,
the specialist will complete the elaboration of the reconstruction
plans of these buildings.

Besides, AMD 2,4 billions will be allocated for the asphalt works of
the Yerevan streets. Basentsyan assured that the illumination will
be resorted in 13 more streets, including the territory stretching
from the Davitashen bridge to the orchards of Arabkir district.