The Messenger, Georgia
May 31 2006

The latest consignment armored military vehicles from the Russian
military base in Akhalkalaki left the railway station in Tsalka
(Southern Georgia) on May 30 at 09.00 the Georgian Ministry of
Defense announced

This consignment of 15 mobile artillery units will leave Georgia via
Azerbaijan, where they will go on to Russia.

The next consignment of armaments from the Akhalkalaki base will
be taken to Armenia on May 31. At the same time military vehicles
from the military base in Batumi are being withdrawn. A column with
armaments from the Batumi base will leave Georgian territory on June 1.

Armaments, heavy armored vehicles and soldiers are being withdrawn and
the military bases in Akhalkalaki and Batumi are being dismantled,
according to the Georgian-Russian Agreement which was singed by
representatives of Defense Ministries of Georgia and Russia on March
31, 2006 in Sochi.