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Yerevan, May 30, 2006

Salzburg Medical Seminars Program, the Open Medical Institute (OMI)
program of the American Austrian Foundation, together with FARFAA
(Armenia) and with the technical support of the <<Arabkir >> Medical
Center organized a videoconference on "Pediatric Nephrology".

All the equipment and technical support in Armenia was provided by the
<<Arabkir>> Medical Center with the kind support of its chief Prof. Ara

The videoconference took place on May 30th. 17 doctors from different
Yerevan hospitals have participated.

Dr. Kevin Meyers from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP),
USA led the seminar.

The lectures covered Chronic Kidney Disease (Dr. Jorge Baluarte),
Vitamin D Nutrition (Mary Leonard), Renovascular Hypertension (Kevin

The goal of the videoconference was to present the latest information,
experience and knowledge of the international faculty members to English
speaking Armenian doctors.

This was our first videoconference experience with the Salzburg Medical
Seminars Program, (OMI). We hope that this activity will be continued in
the future and more and more Armenian specialists will be involved in
the Salzburg Medical Seminars Program to enhance their professional
level through theoretical knowledge and discussions.

Some quotations of the videoconference participants:

<< The videoconference helped me to get new approaches to the old,
well-known pathologies>>.

<< The videoconference gave us a possibility to participate in some of
the Salzburg seminar's lectures both passively as a listener and
actively in discussions staying at home.>>

<We would highly appreciate to have this kind activity in future>>.

We wish to acknowledge and to express our deep appreciation to Katharine
Aulitzky ,

Dr Kevin Meyers, Prof. Ara Babloyan, John A. Riehl, Dr Gevorg Yaghjyan,
Dr. Mary Leonard, Dr Jorge Baluarte without whom this teleconference
would never take place .

We extend special thanks to Arman Babloyan and Andreas Thauerer for
their help in the technical support of the teleconference.

Open Medical Institute (OMI) is a program of the American Austrian
Foundation (AAF) whose main goal is to educate physicians and health
care providers from countries in transition and foster their
professional growth (

FAR FAA is a non-for-profit organization of medical professionals, aimed
at improving the health care system of the community and advancing
medical sciences in Armenia.