[07:16 pm] 01 June, 2006

The Armenian Genocide continues to be the key issue of the American
press. An editorial referring to the Armenian Genocide was published in
the "New York Times" on May 17, 2005 critisizing the Turkish refuting
policy which puts the issue of the Turkey integration in the European
Union in question.

The statement of Nabi Sensoy, Turkish Ambassador to the USA was
published in the same paper on May 24 in which the Turkish official
notes that there are no legal warrants and evidence to prove the
Genocide and the historical studies are not satisfactory in this

Referring to the incompatible claims of the Turkish Ambassador's letter
Armenian Ambassador to the USA Tatul Margaryan released a letter to
the "New York Times" daily which was published on May 31.The press
service of the Foreign Ministry presents the letter fully.

"Regardless of the claims of the Turkish Ambassador that history must
be left to historians' speculations and study, the Turkish authorities
make the history a precondition for establishing intergovernmental
ties with Armenia.

Turkey must first of all take into consideration its own history and
must eliminate all the vetoes and cease the pursuit of the Turkish
historians who ventured to study the events of 1915. Only in that
case the Turkish historians will have a chance to study the abundant
historical data including the verdict of the Military Tribunal of
1919 according to which the initiators of the Armenian Genocide were
condemned and sentenced to death.

The number of countries which have to interfere into the matter
because of the Turkish refuting policy and express their positions
on this score gradually increases.

The historians and lawyers including Rafael Lemkin who defined the term
Genocide and put it in usage as well as the International Union of the
Genocide specialists have already recognized that the events of 1915
fully go in line with the criteria of the Genocide Convention of 1948."