ANS TV, Baku
1 Jun 06

[Presenter] Azerbaijani Defence Minister Safar Abiyev discussed the
Karabakh problem in talks with his Tajik opposite number, Sherali

The talks focused on bilateral military cooperation, the military and
political situation in the Caucasus and Central Asia, international
terrorism and the joint fight against it. The meeting ended with the
signing of an intergovernment military agreement between Azerbaijan
and Tajikistan.

[Safar Abiyev] At today's meeting we had fruitful talks on a number
of issues of mutual interests for the Defence Ministries of both
countries. We discussed future prospects for mutual development. We
exchanged views on the military and political situation in the Caucasus
and Central Asia. Col-Gen Khayrulloyev was informed of the occupation
of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia, the concentration of large amount
of weapons and military hardware and their further transfer to the
occupied lands.

[Correspondent] Tajik Defence Minister Sherali Khayrulloyev made an
unexpected statement. He said that although an official military
cooperation agreement was signed today, our countries have been
cooperating to this effect for more 10 years. Asked if Tajikistan
supports Azerbaijan's position on the Karabakh problem, Abiyev himself
answered this question. Abiyev said that his Tajik counterpart and
several other people approached him after his address to the meeting
of the Council of CIS Defence Ministers in Baku yesterday.