Karabakh Conflict: Parties Should Speak Common Language

02.06.2006 12:48 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ `Our society has a common opinion on the necessity
of recognizing the status we possess now. In this regard our
parliament reflects the public opinion, which says that the outcomes
of the referendum held in 1991 cannot be neglected,' Speaker of the
Armenian National Assembly Ashot Ghulian stated. In his words, the
absence of parliamentary diplomacy, which is used worldwide for
reconciliation of positions, hinders the settlement process.

`Unfortunately, it's not used in our case. Parliamentary diplomacy is
not a panacea, but the NKR parliament's joining the settlement process
can prove positive. Let me remind that it was parliamentary diplomacy
that brought to signing the agreement on ceasefire in 1994,' he

Ashot Ghulian added that the NKR parliament has issued a special
address to the parliaments of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chair states
with a proposal to enable the parliamentary diplomacy with the
participation of the NKR parliament. `The negotiation process should
be based on firm common notions. The parties should speak a common
language and treat the terms `refugees' and `displaced persons' the
same way. Otherwise the talks will make no sense,' the NKR NA Speaker
said, reported Azat Artsakh daily.