30 June 06

`If a person announces that he has nothing to do, if a political
figure announces that personal connections are not related to
political connection, I think it is useless to touch upon this issue
again,' stated Vahram Baghdasaryan, one of the founders of the Union
for Armenia Party June 30 about Attorney General Aghvan Hovsepyan.
Member of Parliament Baghdasaryan announced thatthe rumors about the
relation between the political party and the Attorney General have
been refuted for a number of times, and there is no need to refute it
again. In the meantime, despite refutations, everyone except Vahram
Baghdasaryan believes that the Attorney General is related to the
Union for Armenia Party. There is even an opinion that the building of
the political party slowed down because of the same Attorney General,
who is facing problems.

Vahram Baghdasaryan refutes rumors about accidents in party building,
adding that everything goes on in accordance with the plan. There is
no suspension, every political force has its strategy, style of
work. In other words, harmonious advance. `It is not clear yet who
reaches on time, a fast runner or a slow runner,' states Vahram
Baghdasaryan ambiguously.

He even says that this is a good period for setting up a political
party.` Hence, in taking a step they should wait until there are
favorable conditions.

Frankly speaking, I haven't seen such a political vacuum throughout my
political career as in the past few months. I can also open the
brackets. There is no real government, the coalition was, in other
words, the sphere is empty.

There was no real opposition, ideological. Personified opposition
forces, opposition forces connected with certain personal problems
formed. In other words, the powerful opposition force, which could act
as a locomotive, is absent, the sphere is vacant. There were also
pre-election conditions. In other words, there were all the
preconditions to set up a political force. In other words, there were
no political forces which had real control of the situation.

In other words, there was a public demand for a new voice, for a new
force,' says Vahram Baghdasaryan. According to him, in 2003 it was
early to set up a political party, for the efforts could fail.

Vahram Baghdasaryan says the Union for Armenia Party is
right-centrist, and is going to act under the same principle as the
People's Deputy Group. Vahram Baghdasaryan disagrees, he thinks that
they will not just criticize, because people are tired of an
opposition which does nothing but criticizing. The Union for Armenia
Party has 30 thousand members, who are against swearing,or 30 thousand
members, who are for the union. At least, Vahram Baghdasaryan says at
the moment they have 30 thousand registered members. In the election
they aspire to a serious place to form a government. However, Vahram
Baghdasaryan does not hurry to specify percentages, because the
political party is still being set up.

`After the assembly in fall, when a decision will have been made that
we must run for the parliament at full speed, and there will already
be a decision whether we will be running for parliament alone or in
alliance, we will be able to give a full answer,' says Vahram
Baghdasaryan. As for the assembly, they are not in a hurry.

`We cannot just hold an assembly although we can fill any hall. There
are problems we need to settle, not only for the members of the party
but alsofor our supporters. There are also styles of performance, what
statement we must make on such an important occasion,' says Vahram
Baghdasaryan. According to him, the reason for delaying the assembly
is the time rather than political intrigues. Vahram Baghdasaryan says
they need time to work out a region al policy, find support in the
regions, and understand the psychology of every region.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress