30 June 06

The problem of Karabakh will bring back 1998, stated Vahram
Baghdasaryan, one of the founders of the Union for Armenia Party June
30. He said at the Pastark Club he is so convinced that a change of
power because of the Karabakh issue is unlikely, that it did not even
occur to him that Serge Sargsyan will become president in this
context. Vahram Baghdasaryan describes Mathew Bryza's statements as a
`symptom of stress.'

`And I think that if there were confidence that the problem would be
solved this year or in the upcoming one or two years, it would not be
stated so openly. And I think a new round of talks will follow, and
everything will be put off again,' says Vahram Baghdasaryan, adding
that the Union for Armenia Party has not discussed the Karabakh issue
yet. MP Vahram Baghdasaryan thinks that even if they were hopeful to
settle the conflict, now it is certain that it will not happen and the
issue will be suspended.

`Naturally, we cannot approve this, because it is not in the interests
of the Armenian side, the winner. I think this question must be
decided by the people of Karabakh. Both the Azerbaijani and Armenian
sides must be more passive and let Karabakh be active. The question
should be put to popular voting.

There was a referendum once, it could be held twice,' states Vahram
Baghdasaryan. For him, the independence of Karabakh involving the
liberated areas is the best settlement.

`Independence is guaranteed by both Azerbaijan and Armenia. Because,
if you follow attentively, if we take only Karabakh, and we say O.K.,
we take only Karabakh, they have nothing to do, we see the tie between
Karabakh and Kelbadjar, in terms of communication, water, energy. I
think speaking about Karabakh alone would not work, it means
isolation,' thinks Vahram Baghdasaryan. He believes that it is not
worthwhile to change the format of the talks because frontal
controversies between Armenia and Azerbaijan are so intensive thata
new format will may not even enable finding a common approach.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress