Armenian Patriarch Karekin Investigated

Following the first visit to Turkey of the Head of the Armenian Apostolic
Church, an investigation is launched against Karekin II under article 301
of Anti-Terror Law for "insulting Turkishness".
BI.A News Center

BI.A (Istanbul) - An investigation has been launched in Turkey
against the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church Catholicos Karekin II
related to remarks he made during his first visit to the country last week.

The investigation was started under controversial article 301 of the
Turkish Penal Code for "insulting Turkishness" and is related to a criminal
complaint filed by an individual named Recep Akkus and the right-wing
Jurists Union that has pursued a series of similar complaints against
high-profile Turkish authors and intellectuals.

Akkus himself as among those who filed a criminal complaint against
Turkey-EU Mixed Parliamentary Commission co-chairman Joost Lagendijk for,
"insulting the Turkish army and judiciary organs and attempting to
influence the judiciary?.

The complaint related to a press conference held at the Armenian Patriarchy
last week where Karekin II said "genocide is not an issue of research for
our people, it is an incident that has happened and it should be

Turkey's NTV channel reported that as Karekin II is currently in Armenia
and there is no judicial assistance agreement between Turkey and that
country, it is not likely for a statement to be taken from the head of the
Armenian Apostolic Church by Letter of Request.

If the prosecution deems it necessary, it can issue a warrant to all border
doors and entry points for Karekin II to be questioned and a statement
taken from him on his next entry into the country. (EO/TK/II/YE)