Today.Az, Azerbaijan
May 31 2008

Armenian Defense Minister: "While developing program of reformation of
Armed Forces it is necessary to take into account the friendly
attitude to our neighbors"

31 May 2008 [13:45] - Today.Az

During the session of the collegium of the Armenian Defense Ministry
the discussed were issued connected with conduction of reforms in the
Armenian armed forces and consistent raising the combativeness level
of the national army, said spokesman for the Ministry, colonel Seyran

He said during the meeting the Defense Minister Seyran Oganian
instructed each department of the Ministry to work out a long-term
program of works for months and years.

"While working out the program it is necessary to take into account
the complex geopolitical state in the region, atmosphere ruling here
and friendly attitude to our neighbors. Responsible and huge work is
expected to be done", noted Oganian.

The Defense Minister also drew attention of the participants on a
number of regulations, which should be taken into account while
developing additions to the program of defense reforms.

According to the Defense Ministry, the work on coordination of issues,
included into the program of defense reforms should be continued by a
renewed commission, led by chief of the head command, including
representatives of operative chains on regulation of army corpses with
participation of due commanders and chiefs, department of
international military cooperation and defense programs and further
with active participation of the department for strategic planning of
the armed forces development.

Oganian instructed to convene commissions at least once a month,
regularly discuss defense reforms, record each session and report to
him personally.

"On par with it, by due orders of the chief of the head command,
deputy defense minister, commanders of the Armenian corps, it is
necessary to create commissions to work out proposals, on structure
and composition of the leading chains of subsidiary military units',
noted the minister.

Oganian informed that the structure of the central board of the
Ministry of Defense and head office of the armed forces to be
introduced to the president for approval will be discussed in the
coming days after which it will be sent for ratification by the
government of the country.

"One of the basic documents will be the plan of armed forces
development, which will be introduced as a state program for
development of Armenian armed forces for 2010-2015", Oqanian

The session heard speeches of chief of the head command of Armenian
armed forces, first deputy defense minister Yuri Khachaturov, deputy
defense ministers Ara Nazaryan, lieutenant-general Alik Mirzabekyan,
chiefs of departments, training units commanders.

They noted in their speeches that all planned measures have been
almost executed by June 1 of 2008, with issues of the first stage of
reforms-provision of legislative field fully settled.



From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress