Hayots Ashkhar Daily
Published on May 30, 2008

Member of ARFD bureau, Head of ARFD parliamentary faction Vahan
Hovhannisyan was the guest of `Novosti-Armenia' international
information agency.

Though it is already known that the decision of the Ministers belonging
to Dashnaktsutyun party to resign was a personal decision the questions
still seem to need clarifications.

Vahan Hovhannisyan underscored that the Ministers belonging to
Dashnaktsutyun party were absolutely not obliged to resign according to
the regulations of the party. They were simply conscious that they
couldn't hold two positions at once. Which means: `If the Minister
belonging to Dashnaktsutyun party shoulders certain responsibility
towards his party, then it is hard to imagine this person as part of
the body towards which he has certain responsibilities. That is why our
friends took the decision of the party as natural and obligatory and
decided to resign. Though I must repeat they didn't have to do so,' he

`To what extent does the step taken by the Ministers belonging to
Dashnaktsutyun party derive from the national interests, especially
because `professional ministers' have resigned? Is there any guarantee
that the ones to replace them will be as professional as the former
ones and will manage to continue the process of the reforms?'

The member of ARFD bureau firstly expressed his gratitude to the author
of the question for his high estimation and said: ` Firstly I must say
that we are not born as ministers we usually become ministers during
the process of the work, during which we gain great experience. And
secondly why do you think that they will not use their experience for
the benefit of the Republic of Armenia. These people will continue to
serve Armenia and Armenian people as well as whole Diaspora. And, one
more thing: not only are we not born as ministers, but also die as
ministers. Which means a person can't work as a Minister whole life.
This is normal. And I'm proud of the step taken by my friends. They
easily resigned. I know there are lots of Ministers for whom resigning
is equal to committing suicide,' the speaker said and assured that the
new Ministers will be as professional as the former ones and they won't
disappoint us.

Armenian Pan National Movement - ARFD mutual accusations are
well-known, ARFD states that the movement headed by Levon Ter-Petrosyan
is financed from `outside' and the latter continuously reminds us that
some members of ARFD bureau are not RA citizens: `so Dashnaktsutyun
doesn't have the right to touch the topic of being financed from

Touching upon this issue Vahan Hovhannisyan said the members belonging
to Dashnaktsutyun party who live in foreign countries from 1991 want to
become RA citizens, but they were refused. After which, the problem was
in the legislative gaps that they didn't submit applications. He also
assured that very soon all the members of Dashnaktsutyun party will
become RA citizens. So there is no need to speculate this issue.