Both opposition and authorities should draw certain conclusions from
the latest PACE report
31.05.2008 14:27

The political structures of Armenia should draw certain conclusions
from the latest PACE report on Armenia: there are shortcomings in the
political field that should not exist, member of the Republican Party
faction Mkrtich Minasyan told a press conference today. According to
him, the political forces from the ruling and opposition fields should
learn lessons.

`It's noted in PACE Resolution that the Armenian laws are good, but
their implementation is non-sufficient. The laws, particularly, the
Electoral Code, have been diligently worked our by parliamentary
committees, aspiring to have these correspond to European standards.
`However, any law needs reconsideration and amendment from time to
time,' Mkrtuich Minasyan said.

According to the Deputy, certain works have been done in the direction
of accomplishing the requirement of the PACE Resolution #1609. In
particular, the law on meetings has been amended, a Public Council has
been established adjunct to the President's Office, which will include
representatives from the coalition and the non-parliamentary forces.
`Unfortunately, the radical opposition refused to participate, which
would be desirable,' Mkrtich Minasyan added.

Speaking about the arrested, the MP noted that he cannot give legal
assessments being in the political field, it's the task of the courts
and the prosecutor's office. `Those who have not committed crimes will
be released,' he said.

`The society has expectations, and steps will be taken to raise public
trust,' Mkrtich Minasyan said.