Consolidation of prefectures-population ties important, Armenian
president states

YEREVAN, May 30. /ARKA/. RA President Serge Sargsyan gives priority to
the formation of condominiums and consolidation of ties between
prefectures and the population.

`We attach special importance to the execution of the decisions made by
the Armenian Government and Yerevan Municipality, as well as to the
observation of laws,' President Sargsyan stated at a meeting with the
heads of Yerevan's condominiums.

As a priority issue the President singled out Armenian citizens'
self-organization, accomplishment of common tasks in Yerevan's

The second problem is `a merciless attitude' to the housing stock. The
President expressed his concern over the fact that owner of flats in
residential buildings will not understand they are actually co-owners
of the buildings, which may create serious problems.

S. Sargsyan called for an open dialogue over the issues. He pointed out
that this is `not only a problem of a street or yard, but a problem of
the city.' `We cannot make Yerevan more comfortable and attractive to
others without realizing the importance of the questions,' the
President said.

The participants in the meeting pointed out the necessity for
enlargement of condominiums and for improvement of relevant
legislation. The representatives of condominiums welcomed a program of
repairing elevators in Yerevan's residential buildings. The program was
initiated by Serge Sargsyan, when he was RA Prime Minister and is to be
completed by the end of this year.

Summing up the results of the meeting, the President assured the
participants that the proposals made at the meeting will be thoroughly
discussed, and decisions will be made. `We must encourage citizens'
self-organization and, along with improving the social conditions,
strive for the resolution of other problems,' the President said. -0-