18:41 30/05/2008


-Georgians rob and assimilate our monuments as much as
they can. And they can continue it due to our
indifference and abandoned treatments,- said Samvel
Karapetyan, director of Examining Armenian
Architecture NGO Yerevan office to
reporter after the discussion on -Georgian Policy
Against Armenians- issue which was the initiative of
-Mind- analytical center.

According to him the Ministry of Culture should apply
to the Ombudsman and the latter should provide by the
correspondent documents and facts. On the current
issue the director of the NGO has held several
meeting-discussions with the former Foreign Minister
but nothing has been changed since that.

According to Ashot Melqonyan, the director of History
Institute of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
the tolerant policy of Armenian authorities towards
Georgians makes them more intolerable and fearless.
The Historian said that Armenian authorities should
create respectable relations with neighbor Georgia.

Vahe Sargsyan, expert of the analytical center made a
speech and presented all the activities done by the
Georgians against Armenians since 1918. Note that the
discussion was based on the forthcoming event of
defeating Armenians in Akhalqalaq and Akhalckha.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress