19:21 30/05/2008


The events during and after the elections were
attempts to make a revolution and now it is the time
break of it, said Samvel Nikoyan, member of the
Republican party in a discussion on internal
challenges issue today. According to him in the
pre-election time he said that -there is a candidate
and a political force which is waiting for not the
elections but the post period of it.-

According to Nikoyan any candidate wishing to win the
presidential elections should take part in local
self-governed, then in the parliamentary and after in
the presidential elections. As for holding extra
parliamentary elections, he said that according to the
constitution the terms of holding extra elections are
clearly stated and that at the moment there is no need
to organize them.

-It is like a tradition in Armenia as there are no
elections when the defeated side tries to appeal the
results. If we organize new presidential or
parliamentarian elections we do not have a guarantee
that the defeated side won't appeal or lead his
supporters to streets,- he said.

According to Vardan Vardanayn, representative of
National Democratic Union (NDU) notified that the
-tradition- is a result to another -tradition- - since
1995 all the elections in Armenia have been distorted.