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Maternal Infant Health
Yerevan, May 30-31, 2008

On May 30-31, 2008, FARFAA - Salzburg Medical Seminars Program, the
Open Medical Institute (OMI), as well as the Yerevan State Medical
University with the participation of Armenian Ob/Gyn and Neonatology
Association and Armenian Association of Neonatal Medicine organized
a Satellite Symposium on Maternal and Infant Health.

The sponsors of the Event were The American Austrian Foundation ,
general local sponsor <<Congress>> Foundation, local branches of GMK
and Solway pharmaceutical companies.

The symposium took place in the Main Conference Hall of the Yerevan
State Medical University. 290 medical professionals from different
hospitals in Armenia, both from the capital and the provinces

The Vice Dean of the Yerevan State Medical University, Prof.
M.Narimanyan welcomed the Faculty and the Participants of the

Dr Julian Robinson and Dr John Lorenz from Columbia University
NY-Presbyterian Hospital , New York, USA lead the symposium.

The lectures were dedicated to management of multiple pregnancies,
preterm labor, postterm pregnancy, survival outcomes of extreme
prematurity, fluid and electrolyte controversies in newborns.

The vidoeconference was organized with Karabakh and local physicians
joined the symposium. The videoconference was spomsored by <<Armenia>>

Armenian professionals presented four own cases, which were
followed by discussions.

The goal of the symposium is to present the latest information, the
experience and knowledge of the international faculty members to
Armenian doctors.

All the information about the Symposium can be viewed on our web site:

We hope that OMI Satellite Symposia program will be continued in the
future and help enhance the professional level of local at improving the
health care system of the community and advancing medical sciences in
Armenia. specialists through the gained theoretical knowledge and

The reception for Salzburg Armenian Fellows and Faculty was done on May
31st at the <<Congress>> Hotel.

Open Medical Institute (OMI) is a program of the American Austrian
Foundation (AAF) whose main goal is to educate physicians and health
care providers from countries in transition and foster their
professional growth (

FAR FAA is a non-for-profit organization of medical professionals, aimed
at improving the health care system of the community and advancing
medical sciences in Armenia