02-06-2008 14:48:06

On Friday Ruben Hakhverdyan, Davit Amalyan, Mkrtich Lazarian performed
for the audience of Stepanakert. The songs were different, lyrical
and patriotic, about Mush and Van, the "life trade", the state of soul.

But most importantly, they sang sincerely.

People in Karabakh remember Mkrtich Mkrtichyan from the years of
war. He spent 5 years among azatamartiks. "The war in Karabakh became
the peak of the internal world. In our dreams we defended the homeland,
and although our contribution was small, the feeling was great,"
told us Mkrtich, an alumnus of the musical college after Romanos
Melikyan. He says he also graduated from the "trench" college.

The singers who were in Stepanakert for a performance were different
but had one thing in common - sincerity. Ruben Hakhverdyan says:
"I sing the way I think."

And Davit Amalyan who writes and sings sad songs says he is not always
sad but his songs are such.

The concert was organized by the youth union of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun
Artsakh with the assistance of the Karabakh Telecom company. The event
was devoted to the 90th anniversary of the First Armenian Republic
and the 20th anniversary of the Karabakh movement.