By Marietta Makarian

AZG Armenian Daily


The history of our country is our biography and it is reflected in
our essence, in our character and manner of life.

Presentation of the book of Seyranuhi Geghamian "I am a citizen of
the Republic of Armenia" took place in the National Gallery on May
30. The book is published by order of the Ministry of Culture and
Minister Hasmik Poghosian.

"The aim of the book is to help know better our country - the Republic
of Armenia. As knowing of your country means understanding better
your own ego and having a feeling of belonging to your land, country
and people", mentioned the author of the book.

The book is divided into three parts that present the way that our
country passed until it could stand by the other countries as a free,
independent and equal in rights state with its State Flag, Emblem
and Anthem. The book is very instructive especially for the young
generation and can serve as an encyclopedia.

Deputy Director of the National Gallery Hasmik Harutounian, Director
of the Genocide Museum Hayk Demoyan and from Constitutional Court
Arushan Hakobyan spoke of the book mentioning that it should become
a reference book of each Armenian.

After it the chronicle-documentary film "State Symbols" was shown. The
film is shot to order of the Ministry of Culture.

Earlier an exhibition under heading "Heroic battles of May and the
Republic of Armenia" was held in the Museum of History of Armenia. It
is an exceptional opportunity not only to get acquainted with the
history of May heroic battles and the explanations and maps of them
but also to see the photos, weapons, personal belongings, memos
and many other important documents of the commanders and those who
participated in the battles in Sardarapat, Bash-Aparan and Gharakilisa.