02.06.2008 18:27 GMT+04:00

Russia has failed to develop a common and distinct policy in Caucasus
so far. It's always late to react to processes in the South and
North Caucasus.

Relations with Georgia can serve as a vivid example, head of the
interethnic relations department at the institute of political
and military analysis Sergei Markedonov said in an interview with

"Russia is interested in 'frozen conflicts', according to
him. "However, conflicts are not frozen but lingering. These two
notions are different. Russia supports territorial integrity but it
stands against the methods this principle is being pushed forth,"
he said.

"As for relations with Armenia and Azerbaijan, I can say that
Armenia is Russia's strategic ally while Azerbaijan is a strategic
partner. With its military and economic parameters, Russia is closer to
Armenia but in case of resumption of military operations our country
will face a hard choice. Unfortunately, the Kosovo precedent can
provoke hostilities in Karabakh," Mr Markedonov said.