Azerbaijani Public TV (ITV)
June 3 2008

[Presenter] After the Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition, President Ilham
Aliyev and Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva have flown to the Naxcivan Autonomous
Republic. Inaugurating a series of public facilities in Naxcivan,
the president spoke about the Armenian-Azerbaijani-Nagornyy Karabakh
conflict and said that along with the activities, we have to be always
ready for the liberation of the occupied lands by force.

[Presenter over video of the president in Naxcivan] As part of his
visit to Naxcivan, President Ilham Aliyev inaugurated the Culfa
district central hospital.

[Passage omitted: covered aspects]

[Presenter] Speaking about the army building, the president said that
Azerbaijan's military budget is more than Armenia's budget expenditure.

[Aliyev] We are in the state of war and we must be ready to
liberate our lands militarily at any moment. From this standpoint,
the activities in this sphere certainly satisfy us and it must be
stepped up. However, Naxcivan's security, the strengthening of its
defence capacity is of great significance. Because you are face to
face with the enemy and over the recent years Naxcivan's military
potential has further increased and Naxcivan is capable of defending
itself and extra measures will be carried out in Naxcivan to further
develop its military potential.