20:50 02/06/2008

UNICEF carries out "Tutor Family Institute" project.

According to Shaldon Iett the representative of UNICEF Armenian branch,
in the frameworks of the project 25 children found families. "It is
not so easy to implement such project in Armenia. We are for that the
child grows up in family. Besides family is such place where one can
feel comfortable and perfect," said Shaldon.

According to UNICEF representative there are approximately 1000
children in Armenian orphanages and it is not easy to find families
for them as most of them have their own families. They live in the
orphanage because of social inconveniences. So the mission of the
project is to provide tutor families for the children who can not
live in their own families.

In the frameworks of the current project UNICEF has shoot "Right
of a Child in Family" film which will be presented to public in
September. Note that the project is being implemented since 2007.