Public TV , Armenia
June 6 2008

Armenian, Russian presidents praise ties at St Petersburg meeting

[Presenter] Let's go back to the St Petersburg meetings of the
Armenian president. President Serzh Sargsyan has met Russian President
Dmitriy Medvedev. The presidents expressed their satisfaction with the
high level of the political dialogue and economic cooperation between
the two countries and reaffirmed the aspiration for the further
development of allied relations. Lusine Lazarian will give details of
the meeting.

[Correspondent over video of the meeting] The first meeting of the
Armenian and Russian presidents took place in the Oval Hall of
Konstantinovskiy Palace. Welcoming his Armenian counterpart, Dmitriy
Medvedev invited Serzh Sargsyan to pay an official visit to
Moscow. The leaders of the countries, which are strategic partners,
spoke about developing Armenian-Russian relations.

The Medvedev-Sargsyan talks continued in the yard of Konstantinovskiy
Palace at a photo opportunity with the CIS leaders. Before the other
CIS leaders came, the Armenian president did not miss the opportunity
to have a private conversation with his colleague.

Dialogue between governments and businesses has taken place in
Russia's northern capital. The 12th St Petersburg International
Economic Forum, which started today, is being covered by 292 media
outlets from all over the world. Armenia will join these activities

The informal summit of the CIS leaders was held today at another hall
of Konstantinovskiy Palace. The president of the presiding country,
Kyrgyzstan, first congratulated the Russian president on embarking on
his duties, and then the participants started discussing issues on the
agenda. The next CIS summit is scheduled to take place in the Kyrgyz
capital Bishkek on 26 September.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress