YEREVAN, JUNE 28, NOYAN TAPAN. RA Merited Artist, laureate of
international contests Hovhannes Babakhanian will turn 40 on July 1. It
is the 25th year the talented artist is on the stage. The actor is not
going to mark none of these jubilees, as he does not like official and
solemn events connected with his personality. Hovhannes Babakhanian
said at the June 27 meeting with journalists.

The talented artist is guided by Christian commandments and is very
strict to himself on the stage, extremely responsible to the spectator,
and does not accept compromises in the art.

"I do not wish people to say when speaking about me: "he is not bad as
an Armenian actor." I do not wish it. I like to be daring to my name,
to my spectator," the actor said.

Artist Hovhannes Babakhanian does not stop surprising his spectator: he
continues acting in other branches of art. He successfully plays at the
theater and sings and paints as much successfully. The actor has
graduated from Yerevan Art and Theater Institute, Moscow Academy of
Art, Opera Song Department of Yerevan Conservatory. These three art
trends, according to the artist, do not complete but continue one

The actor often plays Jesus Christ's role in the theater and cinema.
According to him, these roles are very binding for him. "The role of
Jesus is not just a role. One should live, feel it and then convey it
to the hall. Harmony between actor's inner world and belief is
important in this respect. I try to believe till the end and
completely. Otherwise it is not possible to carry it out," the actor is

H. Babakhanian also has another hobby, tailoring. Few people know that
he has been the fashion designer of Dramatic Theater's costumes for
already ten years.

The actor does not at all agree to the opinion that the theater has
died. According to him, the expression "the theater is dead" is
insulting for the very theatrical figures. He is convinced that "those
making an attempt upon theater's life are the very professional killers
who are inside the theater." According to him, the theater was born
with the mankind and will live for ever as mankind.