2009-06-01 17:38:00

ArmInfo. Introduction of the system of drawing of cash-register
coupons has fully justified itself, Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan
said at the opening of the children's art exhibition 'I am a citizen
of a legal state' on Monday.

T. Sargsyan said that the fight against shady commodity turnover in
the country has been intensified thanks to this system. The premier
said that in the background of economic decline observed in the
country since the beginning of the year and reduction of transfers
from Russia and the USA, retail trade has grown for the first 4
month of 2009. T. Sargsyan welcomed the exhibition of children'
paintings wherein children expressed their own imagination of the
system of cash-register coupon drawings. Some of the paintings were so
interesting that the premier offered the State Revenue Committee to use
them in ads. The premier thanked all the children for participation
in the contest-exhibition. 'It is the very case when participation
is more important than victory', T. Sargyan said.

The initiator of the contest 'I am a citizen of a legal state' is the
Armenian State Revenue Committee with support of the Armenian Ministry
of Education and Science. Nearly 300 paintings by pupils of 5-11 forms
were submitted to the contest. The juries selected 90 pictures. The
best one was by Karine Yeghiazaryan (8th form, Getashen). The Best
School award was given to Getashen School No.2. All the winners were
given prizes and certificates.