01:41 am | June 01, 2009


An alarm was received today that there had been shots and one injured
at the Nor Nork 4th quarter district.

Head of the ANC headquarters at the Nor Nork 1st quarter district
Gurgen Yeghiazaryan told "A1+" that a group of terrified citizens
came to the ANC headquarters and quickly informed that somebody was
transferred to the hospital after receiving gun shots at the Nor Nork
4th quarter district.

"I sent people to our sub-headquarters to verify the information on
the scene, but it was not possible because there was nobody there,"
said Gurgen Yeghiazaryan, adding that they had tried to find out
from the Nor Nork hospital if the person with the gun shots had
been transferred there or not. It turned out that nobody had been
transferred to the hospital with gun shots.

Later, Republican Party press speaker Eduard Sharmazanov informed
that there had been no gun shots at Nor Nork connected with the
elections. "The elections are being held in a calm environment and
there is a large voter turnout. In general, we condemn any dispersion
of false information and senseless stir of emotions," said Sharmazanov.