06:32 pm | June 01, 2009


Serzh Sargsyan issued a message on the occasion of the election to
the Yerevan City Council. The message reads in part:

"Dear residents of Yerevan,

The first elections to the City Council are over. We are launching
a new system of administration in the capital, which is a serious
progress towards reinforcement of democratic mechanisms in Armenia. I
congratulate all citizens of Yerevan on this occasion.

I'd like to extend my congratulations to the Republican Party of
Armenia, the Prosperous Armenia Party and the Armenian National
Congress on their success in the elections and wish them productive
activity in the City Council. I congratulate all the forces
participating in the elections on the successful conduct of the
election campaign and the effective use of the opportunities for
bringing forward sound approaches targeted at the development of the
capital city.

The polls of May 31 and the whole election campaign prove that we
have managed to solve a substantial part of the problems we faced
for years and have moved forward towards solution of others.

Unfortunately, infringements were registered at some polling
stations. My stance on those is clear: the interest of one or several
persons cannot be higher than the interest of the state, and fair
elections are the absolute interest of the state. These require
not only the exclusion of election frauds, but also consistency in
revealing and eliminating the frauds. Therefore, it is the demand of
all of us that every violation should be revealed, the guilty should
be held accountable.

Dear citizens of Yerevan,

Once again I congratulate you on the occasion of the elections for
the Yerevan City Council I wish prosperity to our capital and success
and all the best to its residents.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress