12:27 01/06/2009

The President of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Bako Sahakyan sent his
address on the occasion of the Protection of Children's Rights Day,
NKR President's Cabinet reports.

"Dear children, I cordially congratulate you on this wonderful
holyday. This is a day full of warmth and care, duty and
responsibility. That day unifies the entire mankind around an important
issue of the defending the children's interests and rights, providing
them health care, education and proper upbringing.

The authorities of the NKR undertake appropriate measures to encourage
large families, create favorable life and education conditions for
children. The number of the newly built schools and kindergartens,
hospitals and playgrounds is growing. Child benefits are increasing on
an annual basis too. From now on no efforts will be spared to ensure
Artsakh children healthy and happy childhood.

Today's children of Artsakh are tomorrow's citizens of heroic
Fatherland, you are our future and we are must do our best to make
the future bright and radiant, peaceful and happy.

Dear kids, I congratulate you once more on the 1 June International
Children's Day. Let the sun shine brightly and the sky above be
cloudless, let happiness and success guide you whole your life."